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Data Protection & Backup

Are you sure your IT Systems are protected?

Global Point believes in every aspect of your business and offers an efficient backup plan and backup storage solutions for your business. We implement our back up plan in the event of a problem with your equipment. Our team determined that, on average, 90% of the businesses audited lacked full or useful backups that could be used to restore their IT environment to a usable state in the event of a catastrophic disaster.

Data Protection

What will be done to make sure you are protected?

At Global Point, we understand how difficult it is to keep track of your business records and data backup services. Our team will document every piece of data that is required to be backed up and check that it is being implemented in the correct and most efficient way. Global Point will offer accurate and cost effective methods for safe guarding or protecting your IT systems and software in case of any event or disaster.

Global Point installs effective solutions for giving you extra protection for your valuable data. We also offer extra protection to other backup technologies, like imaging and offsite backups, that are considered to offer your IT infrastructure an extra layer of disaster recovery.

Disadvantages with tape backups

Most small and medium size businesses follow a traditional tape backup solution, whereby core business information and data is backed up to tape. In general, tapes are found damaged or are simply too old to be a reliable backup of your business information, rendering them totally useless.

In many cases, these tapes are stored on-site or are taken to an alternative location, such as an employee’s home, where there is very little security or protection. If the office or employee’s home was damaged by water, fire, or theft, your corporate information and data would be lost. That could completely cripple your business.

Secure and efficient online backups

By using Global Point’s online data backup service, you will no longer need to worry about faulty tapes and equipment. You will not need to interact with the system at all. You will no longer need to be reliant on employees changing tapes every morning and ensuring that the correct tape is inserted into the tape drive. You will never need to upgrade your equipment or purchase any tapes again.

An online backup solution uses your Internet connection and an encrypted data stream to transfer your business data to a data center.

With Global Point’s solution you can ‘set and forget’ your backups. Tell us what you want to backup and for how long you would like to retain the information, and we can configure our systems to backup the data. You will be provided with a daily email informing you what data has been backed up.

All data pushed to our partner’s data center is encrypted and secure. Your data will also be replicated between the data centers.

Global Point offers a range of Online Backup options which will suit your business requirements. Prices can be found on our Online Backups section.

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Client Testimonials

"We have been using Global Point support for over 5 years and we could never have been able to grow as much as we have if it weren’t for their support." - Sebastian B. - Manufacturing Industry - Chicago, IL

"Global Point has demonstrated professional expertise and superior customer service. No matter what the issue, Global point has always been there to provide the solution.” Janet D. - Attorney - Skokie, IL

"We have used many IT companies and Global Point has far surpassed them all. They provide great service, friendly consultants, and a prompt resolution to our issues." John C. - CPA - Chicago, IL

"We used to spend more of our time trying to manage our IT then we did using it! Global Point was able to get us back on track. Now we can focus on the medicine." Kelly B. - M.D. - Chicago, IL