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Desktop Monitoring

To the average user, the workstation is their life. It is the means by which one completes the majority of their daily tasks and remains organized and competitive. This one little machine can make or break an entire day’s productivity. It is of little wonder then why the general health of these machines is so critical, and why downtime can be devastating to an organization’s bottom line.
Through the use of Global Point’s state of the art monitoring software, the likelihood of desktop failure can be dramatically reduced, and in most cases prevented. The monitoring center will monitor the desktop for certain key performance and usage statistics such as:

Updates and Security. Global Point desktop monitoring software can ensure that desktops are receiving updates for the operating system and other business critical applications, such as antivirus.

Performance. IT staff are alerted when desktop performance is lacking, allowing one to address the performance issues that would otherwise result in loss of productivity.

Hard Disk. Monitor the desktop hard disk for errors that can lead to catastrophic failure and loss of data. Also, monitor storage capacity. Alerts are generated to notify of upcoming capacity issues before they have a chance to impact the workstation.

Backup. Monitor the backup solution to ensure that all desktop data is being properly backed up.

Virus Solution. Don’t lose time and resources to out of date or improperly functioning antivirus software. Global Point monitoring can insure that all antivirus solutions are secure, up to date, and functioning properly.

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Client Testimonials

"We have been using Global Point support for over 5 years and we could never have been able to grow as much as we have if it weren’t for their support." - Sebastian B. - Manufacturing Industry - Chicago, IL

"Global Point has demonstrated professional expertise and superior customer service. No matter what the issue, Global point has always been there to provide the solution.” Janet D. - Attorney - Skokie, IL

"We have used many IT companies and Global Point has far surpassed them all. They provide great service, friendly consultants, and a prompt resolution to our issues." John C. - CPA - Chicago, IL

"We used to spend more of our time trying to manage our IT then we did using it! Global Point was able to get us back on track. Now we can focus on the medicine." Kelly B. - M.D. - Chicago, IL