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Server Monitoring

Your Server is the backbone of your network. If something should happen you could lose countless hours recovering your lost productivity, or worse, you could lose invaluable and irreplaceable business critical data.
If we could know when the next disaster was headed our way, then preventing and recovering from it would be much simpler! As fate would have it, disasters are sudden, unanticipated, and uninvited.

Server Monitoring

Some disasters we can avoid…

Capacity Issues. Global point will monitor your servers’ usage, and in the event of a future capacity issue, we can put together a timely solution to the issue before it actually impacts your business.

Downtime. Monitoring will help develop knowledge about common problems that can be leveraged to harden the IT environment and prevent/reduce downtime.

Backup Failures. Get up to date monitoring reports on the condition and status of your critical business data Backups. Global Point will monitor for any discrepancies in the backup of your data and solve the issue before critical backups are missed.

Virus Monitoring. Don’t lose time and resources to out of date or improperly functioning antivirus software. Global Point monitoring can insure that all antivirus measures are secure and up to date.

Disk Monitoring. Disk failures can and do occur. Fortunately, through diligent monitoring, we can detect the precursors to disk failure and implement a solution before the failure occurs and becomes a problem.

Event Log Monitoring for critical events. Global Point can actively monitor the Event logs created by your server. These logs play an important role in alerting you to potentially critical issues facing your system. By actively tracking and evaluating these Event logs for you, Global Point can notify you if the event is potentially harmful, and help you to correct the source of the issue before it can cause any trouble.

Global Point’s expert IT consultants can assist by monitoring your servers so that potential issues don’t become costly disasters.

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Client Testimonials

"We have been using Global Point support for over 5 years and we could never have been able to grow as much as we have if it weren’t for their support." - Sebastian B. - Manufacturing Industry - Chicago, IL

"Global Point has demonstrated professional expertise and superior customer service. No matter what the issue, Global point has always been there to provide the solution.” Janet D. - Attorney - Skokie, IL

"We have used many IT companies and Global Point has far surpassed them all. They provide great service, friendly consultants, and a prompt resolution to our issues." John C. - CPA - Chicago, IL

"We used to spend more of our time trying to manage our IT then we did using it! Global Point was able to get us back on track. Now we can focus on the medicine." Kelly B. - M.D. - Chicago, IL