November 16, 2016

Infrastructure Virtualization

Virtualization services allow the partitioning of hardware resources and installation of different operational systems on a single physical server.

Some of our Infrastructure Virtualization services are:

  • System for central management of farms of virtual servers
    It allows centralized monitoring and management of the virtualization system.
  • High availability of the system for the server virtualization
    When the fault occurs virtual servers automatically transfer to the available physical servers.
  • Dynamic load distribution
    In case resources (CPU, Memory) on one physical server are overloaded, the aforementioned functionality will automatically prevent overload of the physical server with the transformation of one or more virtual servers to other less loaded physical servers.
  • Migration of virtual servers on request
    Without turning off the operational systems, this functionality allows the manual migration of virtual servers from one physical server to another.
  • Image backup of virtual servers
    Allows a backup of the entire image of the virtual server in an online mode that makes the data restoration easier.



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