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Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration to Office365, Microsoft365 and azure performed by Global Point It Solutions
Whether it’s moving workloads to the cloud, building new capabilities within the cloud fabric or looking at the analytical benefits for optimizing revenue, Global Point and its experienced engineers focus on the migration, consolidation and integration points into Microsoft Azure and Office 365. We leverage our considerable experience to create solutions that enable a true digital transformation for customers.
Global Point's Cloud Migration Services:

  • Multi-lingual Unlimited Complete IT care Helpdesk support and account management- While English is our main language, we also speak Spanish, German and Polish.

  • Communication, communication and more Communication - we find this approach a key to a successful migration and satisfaction. 

  • Fast response and turnaround times guaranteed by Service Level Agreements

  • Knowledgeable and experienced engineers that likely handled similar projects and troubleshooting allowing for faster work completion.

  • Simple and to the point processes to make your day mode productive.

Get Started With Cloud Migration

Microsoft 365 and Azure provide organizations a secure and collaborative environment that gives employees the ability to work anytime and anywhere.

Global Point IT Solutions leverages a precise migration planning structure to streamline your migration to Microsoft 365 and Azure. No matter what platform you are coming from, our in-house Microsoft 365/Azure certified cloud experts provide your organization with certainty to upfront cost, greater business agility, enhanced organizational communications, boosted employee productivity and streamlined IT operations.

Once the migration is completed, Global Point provides organizational training on the key features and will implement change management best practices to ensure employee adoption and optimized utilization of the Microsoft 365 or Azure platform.

Global Point's Migration Approach


To determine your organization's best route to cloud migration in Azure or Microsoft 365 the project will begin with an assessment. The assessment allows to create a project plan that gives your organization cost estimates to run in office 365 or Azure. It also highlights potential environment remediation issues, and outlines a roadmap of what a migration would consist of from preparation, implementation and ongoing support.


This section in the migration plan gives Global Point techs access to your organization’s security, email requirements, file/data share usage, Active Directory setup, SharePoint data, and Office/Windows installation footprint. Based on all the information collected, our engineers will create a pilot migration to test the viability of your setup and health of your existing network environment.


The final stage of Global Point's migration approach is guided by the migration project plan laid out during the first two steps. Our phased migration eliminates and in certain situations minimizes any downtime for your company.  Our teams of expert Azure and Microsoft 365 engineers will provide you with documentation and make final adjustments in the system.  

How does Global Point IT Solutions migration to Microsoft 365 or Azure prepare your organization for the Cloud?

We believe the best approach to migration is one that engages, guides and trains the customer at every stage along the way. When the migration has complete, your team will be trained, ready to operate and innovate to unlock your organization’s investment.

We also offer managed services to sustainably operate and grow your business in the cloud.

At Global Point, we always work as an extension of your team, just as we are an extension of Microsoft’s team.

Request A Free IT Consultation

Learn how we can help your business: 

  • Prepare for a migration to the cloud setup or on-premises configuration 

  • Migrate your business to optimize the resources and increase productivity

  • Involve Global Point's IT engineers to handle all your post-migration technology support

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