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Why Engage Global Point IT Solutions?

Global Point IT Solutions explains why work with our team of techs

Impacting Your Business!


Since 2010, we have strived to meet the needs of our clients’ businesses. We work with you and for you as a team. Our highly knowledgeable and experienced engineers apply the best practice IT solutions to meet your business needs, objectives and budget. Further, they continue their education while working with you to learn about new technologies that can benefit your business. We refer to this as being agile and flexible.

Why Change Your IT?

  • We address all user support issues efficiently

  • You have a whole team of engineers to your disposal

  • We constantly build and enhance our skills and education

  • we have all tools needed to get the job done

  • We follow processes and proper practices

  • We pre-plan projects, rollouts while coordinating them with you

  • You have the entire IT department on-call


Understand Objectives

During our first visit, we listen to your IT objectives and build a plan for a healthy IT department for your organization. Our account managers make sure we communicate with our customers in simple, reliable and easy terms. 

When working with your management team we will explain, in simple terms, the risks and benefits of any solution; from deciding on a simple computer purchase to the implementation of enterprise level software.

Over the years, we have learned that our clients had concerns that their previous IT providers were; over their heads, have stopped caring and overcharging. In every situation, we applied our years of experience and knowledge, identified challenges and solved them with innovative solutions.

Team Approach

We hire top quality engineers with great technical and communication skills. We screen them to make sure they comply with all federal and local laws regarding security, HIPPA, PCI and SEC regulations. We give our staff various incentives to do their best job providing them the education, continuing training, healthcare insurance and competitive salary. 

Request a Free IT Consultation

Learn how we can help your business: 

  • identify your IT support needs 

  • put practices and controls in place to give your employees unlimited IT help 

  • let our IT support specialist handle all your technology issues so you can focus on your own work

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