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Community Outreach

Global Poitn It Solutions is dedicated to helping our communities

Impacting Our Communities

Global Point believes that creating a better world starts at the local level. Our employees are active participants in our communities — involved in everything from food drives and homeless shelters, to fund-raising events, to environmental projects that enhance parks and other public spaces.
We encourages employee volunteerism by promoting volunteer opportunities and by making it easy for employees to participate.

Community Outreach Initiatives

Global Point’s outreach initiatives touch the lives of people — from the very young to the elderly — in our communities. Here are some examples:

The Holocaust Museum

Global Point is an active member and supporter or the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center.

ALYN Pediatric and Adolescent Rehabilitation Center

Non-profit helping to rehabilitate infants, children, and adolescents who are afflicted with a broad range of physical disabilities i.e. children who have been injured in road accidents and terror attacks, children suffering from congenital conditions, and children suffering from physical limitations due to various illnesses. Children from all over the world are treated at ALYN regardless of religion or ethnic origin.


Global Point staff participates and sponsors YMCA activities.

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